Aligning Your Life and Business with God's Divine Plan


Since the pandemic we have all experienced changes and shifts in this world.  The way we do things like work, worship, and even the dynamics of our relationships have changed over the last couple of years.  

Here’s the thing, these shifts and changes are helping people to figure out what’s important to them and what they are specifically called to do in the world at this particular moment in time. 

As a woman of faith in business you are being led to be in alignment with your divine assignment because when you are in alignment with your assignment you are actually anointed for the work and that’s why this summit is all about the Power of Divine Alignment.

This event brings together 12  amazing women of faith in business who are leaders, experts, and influencers to teach you how to: 

  • Identify what true alignment looks like
  • Discover why divine alignment is important especially as a believer in the marketplace  
  • How to align your business with God’s divine plan  
  • How to partner with God in your business
  • How to align your actions with God’s will, way, and word
  • And so much more…

This event will encourage, enlighten, and equip you for the NEW THING that God is desiring to do through YOU! 




Speakers + Topics

Sheri Riley
Aligning Your Life's Priorities
Shae Bynes
Aligning with God's Blueprint for your Business
LaDondra Hervey
Aligning your Spiritual Gifts with your Marketplace Assignment
Kimberly Springer
Aligning your thoughts and actions
Jennifer Seely
Building a Business Aligned With Who You Are
Susan Fleming
Operating your Business with Ease and Alignment
Dr. Shamieka Dean
Aligning Your Offer With Your Audience
Danielle Goeppert
Aligning your Faith and Business

It's all virtual! Watch all the sessions from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you have internet access!

Cynthia White
Aligning With God’s R.E.S.T.
Brandi Bretthauer
Align With the Lord to Strategize and Scale your Business
Becky Davis
Aligning your Business and Belief
Ashlie Woods
Aligning your Energy with the Results You Desire

These experts will share with you HOW to get clear on your current marketplace assignment so you can align your business and your life with God's will, way, and word!

Discover how powerful your business can be when you are clear on:   

  • Your specific marketplace assignment  
  • Your special anointing  
  • The BIG vision God has given you
  • Who you’re called to serve in this season    

These 12 experts, influencers, and leaders aren’t new to the game of business success.

They’re seasoned, experienced, went through the fire, failed, and then got back up and onto the success road. And they are ready to share what they’ve learned in hopes that it will inspire, encourage and motivate you on this entrepreneurial journey! CO

Meet Your Summit Host

I’m Nadine Mullings, the CEO + Founder of Nadine Mullings Marketing Agency and the Women Faith + Business Community. 

With over 20 years of experience in marketing and an MBA with an Ecommerce specialization, I have used both my experience and education to help business owners to promote their brands using my proven B.E.S.T. Content Marketing System™.

I’m passionate about assisting women of faith in business to market and promote their businesses both online and offline using Spirit-led marketing strategies. 

I work with coaches, consultants, and content creators to help them to get strategic, specific and Spirit-led so that they can attract new clients, get repeat business, and build a strong social network.

Nadine is a best-selling author, speaker, and marketing mentor.  And she believes in the importance of women of faith in business stepping up and shining in their lane so they can make the impact, have the influence and earn the income they were born to make! 

Why You Need to Register For The Power of Divine Alignment Summit... To get CLARITY on your current marketplace assignment!

You’ll walk away with…

  • The secret to building a successful and fulfilling business 
  • The necessary keys to building a purpose-driven business  
  • Actionable steps to make sure you are in alignment with your assignment 
  • How to partner with God in your business
  • And so much more… 

It’s time to RISE UP and get in ALIGNMENT with your ASSIGNMENT 

Join us and discover how to align your life and business with God’s Plan!