Mindfully step into YOUR power as a woman in business

As a woman in business, you are POWERFUL, but it’s hard to be a powerful woman when you feel overwhelmed and burnt out. In this post discover how to mindfully step into YOUR power as a woman in business and learn some SIMPLE mindfulness techniques because success in business and in life all starts with SELF.

Learn how you can connect with self in a deeper way.  Astra Farquharson, Founder of Therapy Yoga and Mindfulness instructor, explains mindfulness and how it can help with any overwhelm or burn out you may be experiencing.

Astra defines mindfulness as a felt experience where you pay quality attention to yourself and everything around you.  It’s something you have to practice and it could be a 5-minute practice, 2-hour practice, or even a continuous practice.

A key principle of mindfulness is creating mental space and taking quality time out.  It’s important for us to get out of autopilot and be aware of what we are doing in business and in life so we can avoid overload and overwhelm.

In the video, Astra explains that as a woman in business it’s important to practice self-care, self-compassion, and self-love, without feeling guilty because your business will succeed when you first and foremost care for yourself.

Mindfulness allows you to have the tools to know when you are showing up and being fully present in your business.  It’s important to recognize when you are experiencing burn out and overwhelm.  You will probably feel it in your body, it can show up as difficulty breathing or tightness in your chest.  First, you have to recognize, then you have to think why am I feeling this way, and then you can use various techniques to settle your mind by distracting your mind.

Be sure to check out the mindfulness technique Astra shares in the video, and be sure to join us at the Leading Ladies Mind & Body Retreat in Braselton, Georgia on Saturday, August 25th where you will have the unique opportunity to pause, tap into your winning mindset, and mastermind for success! 


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