A personal note + The importance of taking time to PAUSE

It’s been a while since I’ve published a blog post and I wanted to explain what’s been going on in my world and why I have been absent from the blog the last couple of weeks.  In the video below I share a personal note with you and the lesson I learned about the importance of the PAUSE.  Be sure to watch the video (be sure to turn on the sound) or read the summary below:

Sometimes the things happening in your personal life can affect your business life and that’s when the two worlds collide.  For me, my two world’s collided in May when I expereinced two deaths in my family, which affected me tremendously both emotionally and spiritually, and made it hard for me to have a desire or drive to market my business.

Because of this lack of drive, things in my business and on the blog kind of stopped and that’s why the word for today is PAUSE, because sometimes we have to PAUSE from activities in life, business and even your marketing when we just don’t have the energy, enthusiam, or effort in us.  That’s when it’s important to take time out to reflect, to think about what you desire next or to just BE.

That’s why it’s not just important to have strategy in your business, but to also be spirit-led, to pay attention to your spirit and what your spirit is telling you.  If you feel like taking a break to reflect, don’t feel like you have to be out their marketing, promoting and being visible ALL the time.

Even though this message is about the marketing of your business, sometimes there are moments in life where you need to pause from your everyday life activity and you need to take a BREAK from what you’re doing and step back and reflect.

Now that I have taken time off and PAUSED, I really do feel REFRESHED, REVITALIZED, and READY to kickoff the second half of 2019.  If you’ve experienced moments of being on pause or not having a drive to do your business, or not feeling committed to your business,  I invite you to be recommitted to your business by joining the Mid-Year Challenge

I created a 5-day Mid-Year challenge to help you end the year strong.  Starting Monday, July 22nd I will be doing FB Live in my FB Group-  Leading Ladies in Business.  Be sure to sign up for the challenge so we can focus on boosting your business for the second half of 2019.  We are going to focus on 4 Marketing Principles and 4 Modern Marketing Strategies you can implement in the next 6 months to BOOST your business.  Sign-up for the challenge and make the REST of the year the BEST of the year!


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