6 Super Quick Ways to Grow Your Business Using Text Marketing

6 Super Quick Ways to Grow Your Business Using Text MarketingAs an independent business owner, coach or consultant, you know the importance of staying in contact with your customers and prospects, and having a plan to consistently stay connected can help you grow your business.

There are several ways that you can stay in contact with your customers and prospects,  (i.e. social media, email marketing, phone calls, etc.).  However, Text Message Marketing is one of the only methods that allows you to effectively, efficiently, and easily reach your customers wherever they are, and whenever you need to.

Here are 6 Super Quick Ways you can use Text Message Marketing to help you grow your business:

  1. Appointment Reminders–  If you set appointments for your consultations or sessions, then using text messaging to remind your clients of their appointments is a great way to confirm the appointment and remind your client at the same time.  Texting clients the day before an appointment not only reminds them, but also gives them a chance to adjust their appointment if they need to.  You can even send text messages about appointments that haven’t been made but need to be scheduled.
  2. Mobile Coupons–  We all like to know that we are getting a good deal, so why not use text message marketing as a way to send out good deals to your loyal customers.  Mobile coupons generate an immediate response when you create a call to action with a time limit.  You can use a push campaign to send out text messages to your list with a unique mobile coupon code.  The customers can then show this code at your office or enter it on your website to obtain the discount.You can also do a pull campaign in which individuals send a text to a short code and they are then added to your mobile coupon list.  Types of discounts you could offer include: 
    1. Bonus offers
    2. Percentage off
    3. Flash sales
    4. Not sure what discount to offer?  Use technique #5 “Text to Vote” to run a poll and find out what offer is more attract to your audience.
  3. Promotion Announcements–  Running a special promotion for customers or prospects?  Create a text message that you can send out to your mobile list.  You can create special promotions around:
    1. Holidays
    2. Seasons
    3. Exclusive Deals
    4. VIP Promotion
    5. Rewards/Loyalty Programs
  4. Text to Join–  is a great way to build both your mobile phone number list and your email list.  You can have someone text a word to your short code and then respond with their email address.  This kills two birds with one stone by having them join your text list and your email list with one transaction.
  5. Text to Win–  People love contests, so why not offer a text to win contest.  Allowing people to actually enter the contest via text message.  Be sure you have the contest rules available online for people to be able to refer to the contest rules.
  6. Text to Vote–  This method became popular from talent shows like American Idol and The Voice, which allows the audience to participate in the results of the show by texting their vote for their favorite artist.  You can run similar promotions by having people vote for their favorite product, service, coupon idea, etc.

Are you using text message marketing in your business?  If so, what methods are you using, and has it helped you to grow your business?

Do you need help with creating a text message marketing plan, getting started with text message marketing, or taking your text message marketing to the next level?  Contact Us and let us help you!


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