4 Things You Should Consider Changing About Your Marketing in 2018

 4 Things You Should Consider Changing About Your Marketing in 2018

Change can be a difficult thing for some people to make. As entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and service-based business owners, we get used to doing things a certain way or going to certain places, but change is necessary in order to improve and to grow your business.

It’s especially important this time of the year to review and reflect on your marketing activity for the year and to figure out what’s working and what’s not working and consider making changes for the new year.

In this video I share 4 things you should consider changing with your marketing in 2018 (be sure to unmute the video to hear it):

As mentioned in the video, the 4 things you should consider changing about your marketing in 2018 include:

  1.  Change WHAT You’re Doing

    Review ALL the marketing activity you have done so far this year.  In order to truly evaluate the results these activities should be things that you have done consistently over a period of 6-12 months.  After reviewing your activity, make plans to eliminate the things that aren’t bringing you business in the form of exposure, leads, or sales.  Then think of things that you haven’t done this year that you would have liked to do and think about adding it to the mix for 2018 and doing it consistently for 6-12 months.

  2. Change HOW You’re Doing It 

    Innovation is key, the companies that know how to innovate and make adjustments to how they do things based on what is happening in the market place are usually the companies that are most successful, so think about the way that you are doing your marketing activity and think about how you can be more innovative or do things differently.  For example, video is really BIG right now in marketing, if you’re not already utilizing video in your marketing, think about adding it in 2018.  How about text message marketing?  Are you using this channel to reach your clients and prospects, text message marketing is a different way of reaching your clients and prospects and may be something you should add to your marketing mix for 2018.

  3. Change WHEN You’re Doing It

    Sometimes just changing the day and/or time of a marketing activity can make a difference.  If you send out your email communications on a certain day and time, think about changing it up in the new year to see if a different day or time works better. If you usually post on social media at a specific day or time, think about changing it up for the new year.  If you usually attend networking luncheons, think about going to morning or evening networking events instead.  You’ll be surprised how changing when you do things can make a difference for your business.

  4. Change WHERE You’re Going

    It’s so easy to continue to go to the same network events, conferences, workshops and seminars, and it’s important to go to the same places so you can build relationship with the members of those organizations, but it’s also important to to change things up and go to new networking groups, conferences, workshops and seminars so you can get out of your comfort zone and you can meet new people and make new connections, so think about what new places, events and organizations you can attend for 2018.

So in summary, the 4 things you can change about your marketing in order to get better results in 2018 are simply changing what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, when you’re doing it and where you’re going.  What other things can you change in 2018 that could impact your marketing and improve your results?


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  1. Carol Dunlop December 8, 2017 2:20 pm

    Great information Nadine, I agree with it all, LOL. I love how you laid it out with the When, What, How, Where prompts. Sometimes we start doing something and if it doesn’t work the way we want, we drop it, without thinking about changing one or more things first, BEFORE we ditch it. Making a few tweaks or something just one, can make all the difference in the world.

    • Nadine Mullings December 8, 2017 4:57 pm

      Thanks Carol! Glad you found the information useful. You’re right, we tend to give up to quickly when things aren’t working out, the key is to do it consistently then make minor changes and see if you get different results. Thanks for reading!