3 Things You Need to Be Clear On to Successfully Market Your Business in 2018

 3 Things You Need to Be Clear On to Successfully Market Your Business in 2018

Clarity is an AWESOME gift for a business owner.  When you are clear on WHAT you need to do to GROW your business, and HOW you need to do it, things are so much easier.

Unfortunately getting the clarity that you need is not that easy for most entrepreneurs and business owners, it takes a lot of trial and error, but when you get clarity in three key areas of your business, you’re better able to attract the ideal clients to your business.

In the #MarketingMonday video below, find out the three key areas you need to be clear on in order to successfully market your business in 2018:

As I shared in the video, the three things you need to get clarity around for 2018 are:

  1. Your Audience

    Who are you called to serve.  Your service is NOT for everyone, even if everyone can use your service, everyone is NOT a target audience, so you need to pick your ideal audience for 2018 and stick with it.

  2. Your Activities

    Get clear on what you are going to do to attract your ideal audience.  What activities are you going to do on a CONSISTENT basis, so your audience can get to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you?  To learn more about planning your activity, check out the blog post,  How to Plan One Year of Marketing Activity in One Day!

  3. When You’re Doing Your Marketing

    When are you going to be doing your marketing?  This is key in order to be consistent.  I shared in the video my new planning tool, the Passion Planner, but also check out my blog post 3 Simple Tools You Can Use to Plan an Awesome NEW Year

If you would like to get clarity for your marketing effort for 2018, be sure to schedule a Clarity Discovery Session by booking a 30 minute conversation on my calendar-https://meetme.so/NadineMullings

Let’s make 2018 your BEST year yet!

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