The 3 C’s of Effective Text Message Marketing

The 3 C's of Effective Text Message MarketingIn my last blog post, Should You Be Using Text Message Marketing in Your Business?, I shared some compelling statistics that may make you think about adding Text Message Marketing to your marketing mix.  

In this blog post, I am sharing The 3 C’s of Effective Text Message Marketing

Check out the blog post to learn more.

The 3 C’s of Successful Text Message Marketing:

  1. Convenience

    Text Messaging is a convenient way for you to send messages to your clients and prospects, and it’s also a convenient way for your clients to receive your information.  For example, I had a hair appointment today at 10:00 am and because my stylist is set-up to send her client’s automatic text messages, I received a text message one-hour before my appointment reminding me of my appointment.  If you schedule appointments with clients then text messaging is a great way to reminder your clients of appointment days and times.  Setting up automatic text messages for various things in your business can be helpful for you and your clients.  For text message marketing services that make it easy for you to automate your text messages, check out the blog post, Top 3 Super Simple and Easy Text Marketing Services

  2.  Communication

    Some people actually prefer to get text messages over voice messages or emails, so text messaging can be a great way to communication with your prospects and clients.  In fact, check out this blog post, Should You Be Using Text Message Marketing in Your Business? that shares some awesome statistics on the percentage of people using smart phones and text messaging, and how this can impact your business.

  3. Content

    Because text messaging can be intrusive and personal, it is important that the content you share on text message is relevant to your audience.  Provide valuable information like coupons, tips, appointment reminders, etc. For more examples of how you can use Text Message Marketing in your business, be sure to check out the blog post, How to Use Text Message Marketing in Your Business

Are you using text message marketing in your business?  If so, what ways are you using text messaging? Be sure to share your comments below.




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